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Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Design Phase 1 Design Phase 1 Design Phase 1 Design Phase 1 Design progressions of a home remodel.
We employ a multi stage design process. The first step is basically information gathering. Part of this is researching the codes, boards, and permitting authorities needing to be dealt with. Another part is interviewing our client, asking them what their needs, wants, and prospective budgets are. If an existing structure is involved we will also “measure up” and document that structure.

From there we'll take the information gathered and generate a set of preliminary designs. These may illustrate a variety of approaches we will take towards a design problem. We will then present these approaches to our client and get their reactions. If there are any changes to be made, this is the most efficient place in the process to make those changes. We use BIM, Building Information Modeling, to help visualize and communicate our designs. We find that this helps us and our clients make more informed decisions.

Once things have pretty much firmed up, we will move into the construction documents phase. This is the part where a detailed set of documents will be created from which contractors will create firm bids, the permitting authorities will issue their approvals, and from which the builders will work.